Diversity and Inclusion

The University of Pittsburgh and the School of Medicine recognize that the diversity of its students, faculty and staff is crucial because it strengthens our community.

The University of Pittsburgh is committed to promoting diversity in its educational programs. To achieve this goal, the School of Medicine supports the recruitment and retention of: 

  • Individuals from racial and ethnic groups that are underrepresented in health-related sciences
  • Individuals with disabilities that substantially limit one or more major life activities
  • Individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, as defined by qualification for Federal disadvantaged assistance

Diversity Resources

If there are aspects of your personal background that will enhance the diversity of our student body, we encourage you to include such information in your personal statement when applying to one of our graduate programs.

All students in our programs have access to advice and counsel through the Office of Graduate Studies and other offices within the School of Medicine and the University at large.  Dr. Chenits Pettigrew, the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Director of Diversity Programs in the School of Medicine is also available to help graduate students solve personal, academic and social problems.

Office of Health Sciences Diversity

The schools of the health sciences maintain an Office of Health Sciences Diversity, headed by Assistant Vice-Chancellor Paula Davis.  Through their website, one can find extensive information and links describing the extent of diversity throughout the University and the City of Pittsburgh.  The site also describes additional opportunities for summer training and post-baccalaureate training for students whose ultimate goal is to enter graduate and/or medical school.

Office of Disability Resources and Services

The University of Pittsburgh's Office of Disability Resources and Services, directed by Ms. Leigh Culley, can help students map a strategy for implementing appropriate academic accommodations that will aid their success in graduate school. 

University Counseling Center

The University Counseling Center, directed by Mr. James Cox, is available to assist students in the pursuit of personal and academic growth through its services, which are free and confidential.

Land Acknowledgment

We recognize that the University of Pittsburgh occupies the ancestral land of the Adena culture, Hopewell culture, and Monongahela peoples, who were later joined by refugees of other tribes (including the Delaware, Shawnee, and Haudenosaunee), driven here from their homelands by colonizers. Read more